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The internet is often a wild and untamed place. Cyper security is a way to make sure that when you are accessing the internet, your digital signatures are not stolen, and used without your permission.

SSL Secure Services

- What Is Secure Sockets Layer ?

An SSL certificate is a small file of data that binds to your details with a  
cryptographic digital key. When applied to a web server, it acts as a digital
combination lock that allows for secure connections between your web
server and your browser. SSL certificates are primarily used in credit card
transactions, protected logins and transference of data, and even for certain
social media accounts. It is a way to encrypt your information when accessing
it and sending it out online.

Why Is SSL is Important?

SSL works by generating two separate keys--public and private--for accessing protected information or data.
These keys are generated through long streams of numbers that are impossible to crack without both components.
If someone were to find your public key through malicious intent, all they would find is a series of encrypted numbers;
they wouldn’t be able to crack it. The user needs the private key in order to access any information being hosted by the public key.

How Secure Sockets Layer Works?

SSL is a way to encrypt data between a web browser and a server.
Imagine the web browser as a public key, and your server as a private key.
If someone wishes to send you information, or access information from you,
they must contact your public key; you can only unlock this through your
private key. In this way your public key is like your digital address, but your
private key--that only you have--is like your own pin code to this address.

More about our Company

We provide for our clients safe, secure, and industry
leading SSL certificates to protect you and your corporate
information. We work hard to be the best in price, speed,
and quality when it comes to your corporate internet security. Every day millions upon millions of people--and corporations
place themselves at risk by surfing the web without any form of protection guarding their identities and sensitive
information.It’s time you placed a digital ‘padlock’ on your corporate information with an SSL certificate.

Secure Sockets Layer Features

Secure Socket Layer

  • SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and can be applied to any URL. 

  • SSL certificates can be purchased for any domain, and are considered a ‘must have’ for online business or corporate presence.
  • SSL certificates encrypt information and data before it sends it to its final destination. 

Top Level encryption

  • SSL certificates cannot be intercepted en route, as they are fully encrypted. 

  • SSL certificate encryptions are impossible to crack without the proper ‘key’ to access the data. 

  • SSL certificates are easy to identify for your customers, as SSL web pages will display HTTPS, instead of the standard HTTP.

Secure Data Transmission

  • SSL Keeps data secure between servers, and protects against unwanted access
  • SSL builds trust between customers and corporations through enhanced protection. 

  • SSL can increase Google search rankings for your corporation by enhancing webpage trust. 

Secure Payments

  • SSL protects credit card information of your clients, and helps keep their identities and finances safely guarded. 

  • SSL protects and secure login information of clients, as well as employees of your business. 

  • SSL protects sensitive information such as corporate or public emails and newsletters from being corrupted.
How SSL Secure will help you?

Secure Hassle free Payments

We help you give your clients and customers a peace of mind when they shop through you; this comes through knowing their credit card and bank details are safe and secure at all times.


Dedicated Customer support

 Our team of cyber security experts are able to help answer any questions you may have about the security of your web page, as well as how to improve your web page performance overall.


Website Optimization

We aim to provide not only a more secure experience for your clients and customers, but also a more smooth and pleasant one. Your web pages will respond quicker, and perform better than ever before. 


Secure within Hours

 Acquiring an SSL certificate is easy with our process. Once you reach out to us, we can have your website secured and set up with your SSL certificate in as little as just a few hours in some cases. 


Your One Stop Solution!

We handle all of the workload so that you don’t have to. We will go through the process of acquiring your SSL certificate as well as aid you in setting it up. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in all things SSL and HTTPS. 


User Friendly

We work in easy to understand terms, and always aim to provide a clear and simple service. We understand that tech jargon can become overwhelming, and we aim to help you in speech and instructions that anyone can understand. 



We guarantee that once your SSL certificate is set up and running, you will immediately notice the increase in performance and safety from your corporate web pages.